Following the successful publication of The Law of the Sea – The African Union and its Member States (P Vrancken & M Tsamenyi (eds)) in 2017, we are now working towards the publication of The Law of the Sea ‒ Contemporary Norms and Practice in Africa. 

This second publication will include six volumes, complemented by an electronic database, in order to update, and more comprehensively reflect, contemporary norms and practice in Africa in the field of the law of the sea.

These volumes will address:

Volume I: Contextual perspectives

Volume II: Global, continental and regional perspectives

Volume III: National perspectives

Volume IV: Zone-related comparative perspectives

Volume V: Use-related comparative perspectives

Volume VI: Settlement of disputes

Contributions in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish will be accepted and preference is given to African authors since an integral part of the mission of the book is to provide a forum for African experts to publish their insights.

Last updated: 2020.08.27. A.A

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