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South African Research Chair in the Law of the Sea and Development in Africa

The Chair, together with the Institute for Law in Action, is hosting a PescaDOLUS authors' workshop on 13-14 October 2014 and a capacity-building workshop on 15 October 2014.

PescaDOLUS is an independent research and capacity-building network with a main focus on innovative inter-disciplinary solutions addressing transnational organised fisheries crime.

PescaDOLUS aims, with a particular emphasis on meeting the needs of developing nations and promoting north-south collaboration, to (i) be a network for researchers and experts on transnational organised fisheries crime; (ii) nurture an environment for the exchange of ideas and research on transnational organised fisheries crime: (iii) be a bridge and facilitator for multi-disciplinary research into transnational organised fisheries crime; (iv) support, promote and build capacity in law enforcement agencies to address transnational organised fisheries crime; and (v) act as a resource of independent information, expertise and research on transnational organised fisheries crime for civil society and state actors.


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