The topic of the thesis is "The regulation of the exploration and exploitation of marine resources in the Area".


The relevance of the thesis:

There is an increasing global demand for mineral resources, because of the evolution of technology and the need to grow economies. However, these resources are depleting in the terrestrial environment and consequentially, States must begin to look elsewhere to meet their demand.  States can therefore exploit minerals in the deep seabed, which has a larger reserve of minerals than those on land, but they cannot do this without some difficulty. Among the aims of my research are:

- to identify the legal regime that regulates deep seabed mining.

assess the participation of African States in deep seabed mining. Identify if States such as South Africa have adopted a legal framework for marine mining.

and determine the adequacy of the mining regulations to protect marine biodiversity from anthropogenic pollution, such as noise.


Additional research done under the Chair:

I am currently doing some research for a conference paper titled "Environmental integrity: is South African legislation adequately protecting marine life from seismic survey noise"? I am hoping to present this paper at the 2nd Bioacoustics Community Conference in November 2020. I have submitted my abstract and I am awaiting feedback on whether it has been accepted.


Previous Qualifications:

  • LLM (year - 2020). Dissertation title "Noise pollution at Sea".
  • LLB Cum laude (year - 2018).

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