Miss Victoria Gakii Maingi holds a masters of law degree (LLM) from Kampala International University and Bachelors of Law degree (LLB) from Busoga University. She has a wide knowledge of Law, evident in her years of lecturing experience.

She has a thirst for oil and gas law and with her academic experience in oil and gas law in masters degree, she joined an oil and gas Company (Inspecta International Group) LLC in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). After the company opened up a branch in Kampala, she worked for five years and then later resigned to focus on her PHD.

In 2016 she joined the academic field as a law lecturer in Kampala International University up to date. In the last five years she has taught law courses including; Law of tort, Legal methods, banking and Negotiable instruments and Alternative dispute resolution. In 2014 she wrote an article which was published in Kampala International University Law Journal titled; “Risk management in Tullow oil company in Uganda: Legal and policy perspective”.

Her LLD project focusses on the legal framework for the decommissioning of offshore platforms in Uganda.

The prospective offshore installations in the future of Lake Albert in Uganda, is entitled to have a clear and sound legal framework as far as decommissioning activities is concerned. Lessons can be learnt from countries with vast experience like Norway and UK. The Norway and UK Continental Shelfs are a mature province characterized by decades of oil activities with ‘declining production, ageing infrastructure, small, if any new finds and the prospect of decommissioning of installations’. As a result, the regulators have developed a high degree of capacity that has made it feasible for them to effectively exercise their discretionary powers in relation to decommissioning. Thus, the relevance of the study. What international best practice can be learnt? Provisions of functional lessons on how Ugandan legal framework could be amended is of importance. The current provisions are not adequate and comprehensive enough to protect the government from shouldering some or all costs of decommissioning among other issues.

Last updated: 2020.08.27. A.A
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