Dr Obinna Emmanuel Nkomadu is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Faculty of Law, Nelson Mandela University, Port-Elizabeth South Africa, affiliated with the Institute for Coastal and Marine Resources through the Law of the Sea and Development in Africa NRF SARChI Chair, Prof Patrick H.G Vrancken. Prior to the Fellowship, Dr Nkomadu commenced his doctoral program in March 2014 and graduated December 2017 at this same faculty with his thesis entitled: Maritime Piracy Legislation for Nigeria, under the auspices of Professor Vrancken. At the time of his program, Nigeria does not have any piece of legislation criminalising piratical acts and providing sanctions for those acts. The university confirmed that his thesis makes a significant contribution to knowledge and to the fight against the scourge of crime in the Gulf of Guinea by proposing Maritime Piracy Legislation for Nigeria’. The draft legislative provisions are based on a detailed examination of the existing Bill on piracy and other criminal offenses at sea. They are undertaking in the light of relevant rules of international law, comparable pieces of legislation in a number of other African States and wider legislative context in Nigerian law. Before his doctoral program Dr Nkomadu has been a Law Lecturer in Nigeria at the College of Law, Afe Babalola University. He taught second year students Constitutional Law and Administrative Law and fourth year students Intellectual Property Law at this university. Dr Nkomadu has been in active legal practice where he drafted legal documents for clients and represented clients in Criminal and Civil trial in the Nigerian Courts. Dr Nkomadu primary research focus is on the Law of the Sea.

Primary Discipline: Law of the Sea

Conference papers and presentation

  • ‘Illegal Act of Violence in the Indian Anti-Maritime Piracy Bill’ Indian Society of International Law held 20-22 February 2020 at New Delhi, India
  • ‘Illegal Act of Violence in Regional Cooperation Agreement for Combating Piracy in Asia, Asian Society of International Law 7th Biennial Conference, held at Quezon City, Philippines 21 August 2019.
  •  ‘Maritime Piracy Legislation For Nigeria’ African Society for International Law of the Sea 7th Annual Conference held at Antananarivo Madagascar 26-27 October 2018.
  • ‘The Penalty for Piracy in the Nigerian Law’ at Cape St Francis Resort, Eastern Cape, South Africa 23/24 August 2018. Organized by University of Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela University, Faculties of Law.

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