The topic of the thesis is "The horizontal application of the environmental right to juristic persons in South Africa’s maritime domain".


The relevance of the thesis:

Although section 8(2) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa makes it clear that the Bill of Rights applies horizontally (i.e. between non-state actors), there remains considerable debate on what this precisely means. I will build on the debate on the horizontal application of the Bill of Rights on land, to explore how the Bill of Rights applies in South Africa’s maritime domain specifically with regard to a safe and protected environment as enshrined in section 24 of the Constitution.


Additional research done under the Chair:

- Ntemesha Maseka and Rachael Chasakara “Fishing for equality in marine spatial planning” Journal of Ocean Law and Governance in Africa, 2018 52 -77.

- Provided research assistance to the Chair to update chapters 1, 5,6 and 23 of P Vrancken South Africa and the Law of the Sea (2011).


Previous Qualifications:

Bachelor of Laws, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (2017).

Master of Laws (cum laude), Nelson Mandela University (2019).

LLM dissertation title: "Accountability of UN peacekeepers for sexual violence".

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Ntemesha Maseka