The Topic of the thesis is “Customary fishing rights in South African fisheries law”.


The relevance of thesis:

Customary fishing right are not defined as an independent and distinct class of fishing rights in terms of the Marine Living Resources Act,1998 as amended. In the absence of a clear definition of and category for customary fishing rights, the place of customary fishing rights in South African fisheries law is uncertain.  In South Africa where the custom of fishing in an inherent feature of the culture of many coastal fishing communities it is submitted that without proper recognition of customary fishing rights these coastal fishing communities remain disadvantaged and unprotected. This study investigates the place of Customary fishing rights in South African fisheries law.


Additional research done under the Chair:

Anthea co-authored an article titled The Role of Customary Rights in Marine Spatial Planning. The forthcoming article considers the potential conflict that may arise between the cultural rights of members of coastal indigenous communities and the application of the marine spatial planning legislation in South Africa. This publication was done under the guidance of the Chair.


Previous Qualifications:

LLB (NMMU), Advocate of the High Court of South Africa, Short Course in Pension Funds Law (UNISA), LLM – Commercial Law (UNISA).

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