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South African Research Chair in the Law of the Sea and Development in Africa


Postdoc fellow:

Dr Emma Witbooi (2014-2016).


LLD theses:

Dr D Metuge "Port State control wit regard to the safety of navigation in South Africa" (2017).

Dr E Nkomadu "Maritime piracy legislation for Nigeria" (2017).

Dr T Sanni "The legal framework of concession agreements in Nigerian ports" (2017).


LLM dissertations / treatises:

Du Plooy I "The Combined Exclusive Maritime Zone of Africa" (2016).

Massamba-Animbo S "Petroleum contracts and development in the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CAEMC) States and South Africa" (2015).

Ntola SY "Exploitation of non-living marine resources within national jurisdiction in East Africa" (2015).


LLB treatises / assignments:

Bhengu T "The legal relationship between South Africa and Antractica and the Southern Ocean" (2015).

Bior DM "Exportation of the South Sudan oil resources: a legal perspective" (2013).

Burger ME "Legal aspects of boat-based tourism" (2016).

Dwayi N "The re-opening of environmental courts as maritime courts" (2016).

Hamukuaya N "The Benguela Current Convention" (2014).

Hosking C "Privacy and Remotely Piloted Aircraft" (2015).

Kachara T "Traditional Knowledge Aspects of Bioprospecting within the South African Territorial Sea and Exclusive Economic Zone" (2015).

Kora D "Ecopiracy: The Arctic Sunrise Case" (2014).

Lekika FJ "Offshore exploitation of natural resources in Gabon" (2013).

Roberts SL "The Grand Prince case and the Volga case" (2013).

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